Northlands Church

Northlands Church


Sermon Library Management

Northlands hosts a live stream service each Sunday morning. Afterwards the content is archived for the congregation to review throughout the week. The Northlands platform automatically posts the sermon to iTunes and sends a video to the Northlands Roku app. When a new live event is created in the CMS an email is automatically sent out 2 hours before the service to notify subscribers.

User Accounts

Users create an account or connect their facebook account before granted access to view sermon library. This feature has generated an additonal 1500+ email subscribers for Northlands. New visitors to the site can be engaged via an automated email campaign after signup.  

Simple, Integrated Blog Writing Platform

The Northlands blog writing team needed a simple way to manage their writing process. Writers can pick from topics, write an article and submit for approval / feedback. Once approved a post is scheduled posting. The post is automatically delivered via Active Campaign to subscribers.

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