How We Estimate & Price

New Projects

First, new projects are “shaped”

Before work begins, our team will  “define” and “shape” the project. We’ll determine the problem, the proposed solution, list potential rabbit holes, and mark areas that are out-of-bounds.

Each project is “shaped” into a 1, 2, 4, or 6 week project. Anything that requires more than 6 weeks should be separated  into a different project.

“Shaped” projects ship on-time and on-budget.

Development projects are notorious for “scope creep“.  By defining the project and the timeline upfront we ensure we ship a “usable” version of the on time and thus on budget.  This dramatically reduces the risk of exceeding project budget.

Shipping often provides better and faster customer feedback

Your customers and users should get more value more often. The worst “new features” are the ones that have been “in development” for months and aren’t getting real feedback. By shaping work into 1-6 week blocks it ensures a short customer feedback loop.

Our Current


Based off our Standard Rate of $150/hr

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in more resources on the way we estimate and execute our projects see “Shape Up” by Ryan Singer and this insightful article by Henrik Knilberg.